You agree to receive a minimum of one dozen wines in each of your two selected delivery months. Commitment selection delivery months are:

February & August
March & September
April 8 & October
May 8 & November


Choose either a RED, WHITE or MIXED pre-selected tasting dozen
Select your chosen wines through the website, via phone or email the team to receive an order form.

TULLOCH 1895 WINE CLUB – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I choose my own wine in my two nominated delivery months?

A. YES You can mix and match any of our whites, reds, sparkling and fortified wines or simply select a straight varietal. Alternatively, our pre-selected tasting dozens are a popular option.


Q. I’m not sure what wines I will like?

A: Tulloch has detailed tasting notes which can help you make an informed decision. If you would like to read these notes, please get in touch with our office and we can send them out via email or in the post. Alternatively, Tulloch members are welcome to call the office and speak with one of our trusted team members to help better understand what wines will suit your palate.


Q. If I don’t reply to the email from Tulloch Wine requesting purchase will I be charged for and sent any wine?

A. YES Three attempts will be made over a period of two months to ensure you secure your own selection. If we do not receive an order or reply by the date nominated in our email, you will be dispatched a pre—selected dozen of wine toward the end of the applicable month to fulfil your membership commitment. Tulloch will send a reminder email in the month prior to your selected month, at the beginning of your selected month and mid-way through your selected month. By not replying and placing an order, as per above, you will be charged for and dispatched one dozen wine.


Q. When l join the club and buy a dozen wine, does this wine count towards my two commitments months obligation?

A. No. The initial 20% discount is extended to your first dozen wine in good faith that you will purchase a minimum one dozen wine in each of your two scheduled delivery months.

e.g. if you join our wine club in January and you have selected March and September as your purchase selection months, you will be required to purchase again in March and then September.


Q. Do I have to be a member for a certain length of time?

A. Yes. Tulloch requests a minimum commitment of one dozen wine in each of your two nominated months. Following your initial purchase and after your two deliveries in your selected months, you may cancel your membership via email or written correspondence.

e.g. if you purchase more than one dozen wines in your selection month, this does not count as your commitment to purchase for your next selection month.


Q. On the day l join the club, if I only wish to buy only a few bottles of wine, will l still receive members 20% discount?

A. No. All benefits and bonuses do not commence until you purchase a minimum of one dozen wine.


Q. Are all wines discounted?

A. No. Both JY Vintage and Creme de Vin are not discounted.


Q. Can anyone else use my membership to receive discounts and benefits?

A. No. Whilst Tulloch is happy to extend your discount to a spouse without you being present, no other person is permitted to use your membership. If a member has booked a group for a private tasting and is present at Cellar Door, we will happily extend the membership privileges to your guests


Q. If I have changed address and my wine is despatched to my previous address, will I be charged for re-delivery?

A. Yes. Tulloch Wine accepts no responsibility for wine delivered to an old or incorrect address.

Please ensure you notify Tulloch Wine of any changes to delivery, postal and email address. Any charges associated with re—directing your delivery through Australia Post will be passed onto you.


Q. If my wine is broken in transit, will I have to pay for replacement bottles and delivery?

A. No. . The insurance & handling fee paid during your nominated months of purchase covers these costs.


Q: Are there shipping costs involved in delivery?

A: No. As a member, you will receive free freight delivery to anywhere within Australia


Q: Is there a membership fee?

A: No. There is no membership fee. Please note, however, there is a $7 insurance and handling cost that applies per order to wines dispatched only in your two commitment months.


Q: What member events does Tulloch run?

A: Tulloch offers a range of premium events for our members. From long lunches at Cellar Door to cruises on Sydney Harbour, we have events for everyone. For the latest information about Tulloch events, visit our events page.


Q: As a member, what benefits do I receive when I visit Cellar Door?

A: There are a number of benefits members receive at Cellar Door. These include the 1895 Members Lounge, a luxurious and private space where members can relax and unwind. Members are welcome to invite friends and family to the 1895 Members Lounge. Whilst on-site, friends and family are also extended membership privileges including the 20% off wine discount.