Sunday Sessions: Rose Slushy & Prawns

Sunday Sessions: Rose Slushy & Prawns

Who doesn’t love a slushy?  Especially one as pretty as this and it contains wine, not sure how it could get any better than that!  Love the innovation of people who have the time to take something everyday like a lovely dry rose and create something completely new and fantastic from it.

The Rose slushy is a perfect match to the panzanella and bbq prawn salad.  Although both these dishes are made and can be served separately I also quite like the idea of throwing them together in a very large bowl in the centre of the table groaning under the weight of so many delicious ingredients.

I’m thinking Sunday afternoon, eating al fresco under a big tree with friends and kids running though a sprinkler.

Click here for Rose Slushy recipe

Click here for BBQ Prawn recipe

Enjoy – Christina.

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