Our Story

For over 122 years, the Tulloch family has been passionate about producing hand crafted, premium wines made to enjoy.

The Tulloch story began in 1838 when James Tulloch arrived in Australia from his homeland of Scotland and settled in Camberwell.  James’ grandson, John Younie (J.Y.) Tulloch owned the Branxton General Store and accepted an unusual settlement for a debt – a 43 acre property in nearby Pokolbin.  Tulloch took an immediate liking to the property and the five acres of neglected Shiraz vines it contained and undertook his first foray into viticulture and winemaking.


  • 1838: James Tulloch arrive in Australia from Scotland
  • 1841: James Tulloch’s son, James Alexander Tulloch is born
  • 1893: John Younie’s first son, Hector Tulloch is born
  • 1895: John Younie Tulloch acquires the property in satisfaction of a debt and produces his first hogshead of red wine.
  • 1917: James Alexander passes away
1938 – The Rise of Tulloch Wines
By the 1920s J.Y. had established himself as the largest vigneron in the Hunter and began the tradition of quality and excellence that is now synonymous with the Tulloch name.  In 1938 the company was named J.Y. Tulloch & Sons Pty. Ltd.  In 1940 J.Y. passed away and his eldest son, Hector took over the reins and was integral in bringing the Tulloch name to prominence with the development of the Pokolbin Dry Red Shiraz and Hunter River White labels in the 1950s.


  • 1938:  The company J.Y. Tulloch & Sons P/L is formed
  • 1940:  John Younie Tulloch dies
  • 1944:  Hector Tulloch’s only son, Jay (John Younie) Tulloch (JYT) is born
  • 1950’s: The famous Pokolbin Dry Red and Hunter River White labels are created and developed.
1965 – A Period of Change
In 1965 Hector Tulloch passed away and was survived by his wife Eileen and two children, Jay and Helen. In 1969 the company was sold outside of the family for the first time to Reed Consolidated Publishing and so began an era of ownership from outside of the family, which continued until 2001. The Tulloch brand suffered enormously during this period due to neglect at the hands of large companies and multiple ownership changes.  In 1973 Hector’s only son Jay became General Manager of the company, a position he retained through the many ownership changes until 1996 when he tired of working for a large corporate company.


  • 1969:  J.Y. Tulloch & Sons P/L is sold outside of the family for the first time to Reed Consolidated Publishers.
  • 1973: Jay Tulloch (JYT) became General Manager and 60% of the company is sold to Gilbeys Australia.
  • 1976:  Remaining 40% of the company is sold to Gilbeys Australia.
  • 1977:  Jay and Julia Tulloch’s youngest children, twins Christina & Jock are born.
  • 1983:  Gilbeys sells the company to Castlemaine Tooheys (Seaview, Wynns).
  • 1985: Company sold to Penfolds.
  • 1991: Penfolds buys Lindeman’s and JYT becomes Hunter Valley Manager.
  • 1992:  SA Brewing buys Penfolds and becomes Southcorp Wines.
  • 1996:  JYT leaves Southcorp and founds the JYT Wine Company with his wife Julia.
2001 – A New Era of Tradition
In 2001 the opportunity arose to buy back the old family company, J.Y. Tulloch & Sons from the large conglomerate, Southcorp Wines.  Unable to resist and with interest from long term friends and business associates the new era of J.Y. Tulloch & Sons began.  With Jay Tulloch once again at its helm and its commitment to premium Hunter Valley wines renewed, one of the Hunter’s great winemaking names lives on.  Now the next phase of the Tulloch story has begun with Jay’s youngest daughter, Christina, taking on the role of CEO. The Tulloch Verdelho and reinvigorated Pokolbin Dry Red label lead the charge in a portfolio of premium wines that draws on the ability to produce wine styles for all generations.


  • 2001: The Tulloch family regains control of their name and the new era of Tulloch begins.
  • 2003: The new Tulloch Cellar Door opens and Christina Tulloch, youngest daughter of JYT joins the company where she now holds the position of CEO, Tulloch Wines.